Sheet metal products

Produkto aprašymas

Roof and façade flashings are used to seal the roof and improve the aesthetic appearance. They are made of galvanised steel sheet, aluminium or polymer-coated sheet and aluminium sheet. The appearance and dimensions of roof and façade cladding accessories depend on the design of the roof or other architectural solution.
All our polymer coated sheet metal products are protected by a protective film, which ensures the highest quality, and the quality is maintained both during transport and installation. They can be up to 4 metres long and have a thickness of 0.50mm to 1.50mm. Fast service, precision, high quality. Our qualified specialists will advise you on the most suitable hinges for your roof or other individual building solution.

We manufacture a wide range of sheet metal bends:

Roof cladding sheets;
Façade cladding sheets;
Fence elements, fence boards;
Window cladding details; Window cladding elements; Window cladding elements; Window cladding elements; Window cladding elements;
Soffit finishes;
Ventilated facade profiles up to 3mm thick;
Fabrication of sheet metal from customer’s sheet metal;
Fabrication of sheet metal fences.


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